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Harris Trophy

  Harris Trophy - acrylic awards, crystal awards, cup trophies, perpetual plaques, baseball trophies, football trophies, soccer trophies, corporate plaques, recognition plaques, glass awards, gifts, clocks, corporate awards, manchester, nh, new hampshire  
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type(s) of engraving does Harris do?

We offer several different methods of engraving and will try to explain the difference between the various types of engraving available.

Harris offers laser engraving, diamond drag, burnishing and manual (pantograph) engraving. The difference between each is appearance, equipment use, and production cost. Not Every item that we produce is capable of accepting every engraving type. So we will suggest the most appropriate engraving type for each item that we sell or our customers bring in. 

Laser (CO2) engraving is highly versatile and is only limited by the imagination of the operator and the client of the end product. Laser Engraving can be very expensive due to the amount of production time that it takes to produce the product. Laser engraving production time can be less than 1 minute to as long as 20 minutes and this all depends on the size of the piece, art, amount of text, font and font size. Laser engraving is designed to remove material by burning it away. On acrylics the engraving will appear to be white. On wood the engraving will appear to be a tone darker than the natural wood color unless a darkening fill is applied. On painted metals the engraving will appear to be the same color as base metal (Gold for brass & Silver for Aluminum) after the painted surface is burned off. On wood & metal we will burn the front of the piece and for acrylics we usually invert the image and burn the back so your front surface on acrylics is flat.  Glass and round or cylindrical objects can also be engraved by laser, glass will have an etched or frosted appearance. 

Diamond drag engraving utilizes a diamond tipped head that will etch the material being engraved.  This works well on uncoated brass, silver, pewter and aluminum materials.  Engraving is managed through a computer program and designs and text are able to be engraved on both flat and round shaped items.

Burnishing is very similar to diamond drag engraving but utilizes a carbide tip that is designed to rotate at high speeds while engraving.  Similar to diamond drag, this is computer generated and done on both flat and round shaped objects.  Specially designed cutters also allow for engraving and cutting plastic typically used in name badges and signage.  However, most of these materials are now available in laserable formats and engraved on our laser system.

Hand (pantograph) engraving is the oldest method that we offer.  Using a manual engraving machine, the engraver places brass stencils on a tray according to the customers’ wishes.  The item to be engraved is placed into a vise like clamp.  The size of the engraving is adjusted by manipulating the ratios on the machines arms to set the appropriate size font.  Once set up, the engraver traces the stencils while holding pressure on the engraving tip to create the design or text on the item being engraved.  This process is extremely time consuming, but is the most accurate when trying to recreate an older font or add engraving on an already engraved item.

 The pantograph engraving process at Harris many years ago and still available today.


Do you engrave items that are purchased elsewhere?

Yes, we are able to engrave many items that are brought in to us by our customers. In the past we have engraved all types of jewelry, watches gifts and even items like golf clubs, swords, baseball bats and pool cues.

How long does it take to process an engraving order?

The answer to this question really depends on how large the job is. Typically, we like to produce a plaque order within one week, jewelry and watches usually take a day, but if you need it sooner, we can process rush orders within 24 hours.

What type of engraving fonts are available?

We literally have hundreds of fonts for engraving.  Some fonts may be limited based upon the method of engraving.

Do you deliver?

Delivery service may be available in certain situations.  However, we do ship orders daily through both UPS and the US Postal Service anywhere in the United States. 

To learn more about our service and products, please contact us today. We are here to help you select the perfect trophy, award or plaque. Thank you.

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